Community Causes

40% of Chicago Children from Poor or Low-Income Households

One in five children in the Cook County area lives in poverty, and another one in five lives in a low income family. This means that 40% of the children in our community regularly struggle with issues like hunger, homelessness, and a lack of warm clothing. We here at Dougherty Insurance are horrified that so many children in the Chicago area belong to families living with financial difficulty, and our hearts go out to parents who are desperately trying to provide for their children.

Ambassadors for Children in Poverty

Dougherty Insurance is now a recognized Regional Ambassador for the #AgentsofChange network in Cook County, and we are wasting no time in launching a campaign to provide for the children in our area who need a helping hand. We will be working to support a broad range of local efforts and programs, including food banks, emergency shelters, scholastic supply and warm clothing initiatives, and toy drives.

There are a huge number of children in Chicago that need us, and we want YOU to be part of the effort to help them.

We Need Your Help!

The best thing you can do to be part of the effort is to help us spread the word to other members of the Chicago community. When you invite a friend or family member to visit Dougherty Insurance, we can provide them with information on this campaign as well as a free insurance consultation. For every person you invite, we will make a donation IN YOUR NAME to a program in your area that supports young children who are facing financial crisis.

We Hope You Join Us!

This is the chance you’ve been waiting for – this campaign will make a positive difference in the lives of thousands of children, and you can be part of it! We hope you decide to join us.


Glenn Dougherty

Dougherty Insurance

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